Edge of Arabia is an independent artistic association that works to promote Arab contemporary art with particular attention to Saudi Arabia. The exhibition proposed for the 55th International Art Exhibition, RHIZOMA (Generation in Waiting), curated by Sara Raza and the Saudi poet and artist Ashraf Fayadh, draws inspiration from a generation of young artists. Combining the visual arts with natural philosophy and the sciences, the exhibition will feature an emerging network of artists within Saudi Arabia. As explained by the curator Sara Raza, “the title and the concept behind the exhibition have a direct reference to a rhizome: the root of a plant which, instead of developing its roots laterally, stretches them upwards. This creates a metaphor for today’s thriving Saudi generation. ”
Salt Warehouse, Dorsoduro 262 (Fondamenta delle Zattere)
May 30 – September 24
Organization: Edge of Arabia
Visit the website: http://www.edgeofarabia.com/