Friday 6 January 2017: 39th Regata delle Befane

Regatta on Three Kings Day, Venice, 6 January 2017The 39th edition of the Regata delle Befane (Regatta on Three Kings’ Day) will be held on the Grand Canal on Friday, 6 January 2017, at 10:00 AM.

9:30 Departure of the boats from the Bucintoro boathouses at the Zattere.
10:30 The Christmas Stocking arrives at the Rialto Bridge, with music and presentation of the Befane, who draw their starting positions.
11:00 Starting gun. The starting line is in front of the Bank of Italy (Palazzo Dolfin Manin). The racecourse continues east down the Grand Canal to the Rio di San Polo (Palazzo Barbarigo dalla Terrazza) where the rowers turn around the paleto (buoy), returning back up the Grand Canal to the finish line at the Rialto Bridge.
11:30 Announcement and awards to the winners of the 2017 race. The Pink Lionesses will be serving their traditional holiday sweets, mulled wine, hot chocolate and warm smiles to all, big and small, along the Riva del Vin at the Rialto Bridge.

Voga veneta: Regattas on Saint Andrew’s Day

A thrilling race for the Bucintoro entry at the spectacular Regatta of the 50 Caorline, the last regatta of the five held on Saint Andrew’s Day, Sunday 27 November. On the starting rope, which stretched almost a full kilometre to the south of the island of San Giorgio in Alga, 53 boats took up their positions, including the Bucintoro’s caorlina Goldoni with a crew composed of Francesco Guerra (provìn), Flavio Lodi (lai), Alessandro Vianello (centre), Giovanni Beltrame (centre), Riccardo Romanelli (sentina) e Francesco Casellati (poppièr).

Art Night 2016

Art Night 2016 Art Night 2016 at the Bucintoro, Saturday 18 June, from 7:30 PM

Music on the dock by Punk y Nada
Open House at the Bucintoro Historical Museum
Display of the Bucintoro’s traditional Venetian boats
The New Rowing Champions from the Canoa Team
A talk with Giampaolo Montavoci, offshore champion
Adopt a bricola
Interviews and chats with guests and friends of the Bucintoro
The 2016 Bucintoro yearly review

At the dock and headquarters of the Bucintoro, Magazzini del Sale, Dorsoduro 263.