In 2009, thanks to an enthusiastic collaboration between the Reale Società Canottieri Bucintoro 1882 and the Senology group of A.V.A.P.O. Venice, an association that for 30 years has been assisting cancer patients and their families, the PINK LIONESS IN VENICE group was born.

In the footsteps of the worldwide movement “Abreast in a boat”, which originates from the theory of the Canadian physiatrist Donald C. McKenzie, who found paddling particularly effective for the physical recovery of the women affected by breast cancer, the Venetian Pink Lionesses are by now a solid presence in the social life of the RSC Bucintoro 1882. On board their dragon boats, they spread a message of solidarity and hope every day, and constitute an example and point of reference for all women who, like them, have lived through this difficult experience.

The Pink Lionesses are not just fierce competitors in the “pink” dragon boat races but also active animators of the social life of the city, organizers of events and meetings related to care, rehabilitation and prevention of breast cancer. seconded by similar groups from all over the world, who often join them to paddle together in the Vogalonga.

They are the honored and proud recipients of the 2014 Panathlon Social Award and the 2019 Panathlon Special Award.

Each October, dedicated throughout Italy to breast cancer prevention, the Pink Lionesses in Venice, in collaboration as always with RSC Bucintoro 1882 and A.V.A.P.O. Venice, organize an entire month of events, with meetings for training and exchange of experiences both on land and in water. Together with the city of Venice, they convey an important message in the fight against cancer.

The highlight of the month is the CAMMINATA ROSA which gathers Pink supporters from all over Italy for a walk through the city ending at the Basilica of the Madonna della Salute, with touching moments of solidarity and the affectionate embrace of the whole city.

Events of the Pink Lionesses