A bucket of medals for the young rowers of the united Canoeing Tema Querini-Bucintoro at the finals of the Trofeo Canoagiovani and Regional Meeting at Caldonazzo, 31 August and 1 September 2019.
Sofia Gavagnin, Nina Sophie Schrenk, Gregorio Cravin, Leonardo Ryan Rizzi and Giacomo Scarpa were selected by the Italian Canoeing Federation to represente the region of Veneto at the regional meet.
Jack Niklas Schrenk, Andrea Romano, Giovanni Fassioli, Francesco Ebner, and Christian Lovadina competed wearing Bucintoro red, while Filippo Berti and Scott Lukas Schrenk were in the light blue of the Canottieri Querini.

Results here: Kayak Querini – Canoagiovani, la finale.