“A stroke of color and the great passion of the Bucintoro’s members” bring back to the limelight of the Grand Canal the magical legend born in a night of winter mist and Christmas cheer of the last century. As they once chased each other in their mascaretas complete with broom, decked out as Befane, Nino Bianchetto and Enzo Rinaldo would have laughed to see that their beloved race has continued since that day …


9.30 Departure of the boat parade from the Bucitoro to the Grand Canal
10.30 The giant Christmas stocking in Rubelli damask is hung from the Rialto Bridge
10.45 Presentation of the contestants and drawing of starting positions
11.00 Starting gun, in the waters facing the Bank of Italy towards Sant’Angelo
11.15 Turn at the buoy near the Rio di San Polo, and return to Rialto.
11.00 Crowning of the “BEFANA 2020” and awards. In Riva del Vin: Vin brulé, tea, chocolate and sweets for great and small.

In the running this year for the title, in mascarèta còa scòa under the Christmas stocking on the Rialto, are:

Nome di remo Mascareta color:
The reigning Befana:
Francesco Guerra Malaga Arancio
Gli sfidanti:
Marco Menegatti Plastega Verde
Sandro Inchiostro Saccarosio Canarin
Francesco Casellati Piombo Bianca
Riccardo Romanelli San Vio Marrone
Mario Tallandini Flebo (Riserva)

Poster Befane 2020