The Council of the Bucintoro has established the position of Maestro di Voga (MdV).
The maestro di Voga is responsible for teaching and organising lessons and classes in Venetian rowing.
The Maestro di Voga is available for all members who want to learn or perfect the techniques of Venetian rowing, in either group classes or individual lessons.
The group lessons will last an hour and a half, at a cost of € 5 per person
Individual lessons will last an hour and a half, at a cost of € 15.
New members are offered three free lessons, to be organised with the MdV.
On the 28th of each month, the calendar for the following month will be posted in headquarters and online with the times in which the Maestro di Voga is available for lessons.
Reservations must be made with the secretariat from 10 am to 2.00 pm from Tuesday to Saturday, by telephone, or email.

– The member must be punctual at the appointed meeting time, the class will not wait for latecomers.
– The lesson may be postponed due to force majeure (bad weather, strong wind and the like), and will be rescheduled when possible.
– Each member undertakes to pay for the lesson unless she or he cancels 48 hours prior to the lesson.
– For anything else, please refer to the Rules and Regulations of the Bucintoro.