Regatta on Three Kings’ Day
Monday 6 January 2020

Enzo Rinaldo, Pietro Grimani and Nino Bianchetto set the rules
From left: Enzo Rinaldo, Pietro Grimani and Nino Bianchetto set the rules

The Regatta on Three Kings’ Day dates back to 1978 and precisely to the Bucintoro’s annual Christmas Dinner. Nino Bianchetto and Enzo Rinaldo, dear friends in life and longtime members of the Bucintoro, began to tease each other, as they often did, on their respective rowing skills. The two had previously challenged each other on several occasions, but this time they decided to do it on the morning of Three Kings Day in the Grand Canal in a speed race in mascaretas, from Palazzo Balbi to the Rialto. Being the day of the Epiphany, dressing as the Befana was required. Thus the Regatta of the Befane was born, to the delight of Bucintoro members, who so much appreciated the wit and humour of Nino and Enzo, and with a lot of regulations drawn up at the time on a napkin.

Bucintoro members are still pleased to continue this event, this year now in its 42nd edition, for the indisputable fun they derive from it and to continue to pay tribute to two people who held the Bucintoro in their hearts.

The regatta will take place on a stretch of the Grand Canal, a place particularly dear to the Venetians, starting in front of the Palazzo Dolfin Manin (Bank of Italy), rounding a buoy near Sant’Angelo, and arriving under the vault of the Rialto Bridge, from which the usual giant Christmas stocking, symbol of the event, which will be suspended. It is transported by the procession of boats that accompany the five contestants to the start of the race. On the Riva del Vin, as always, the Pink Lionesses will distribute smiles, sweets, candies, chocolate and mulled wine for young and old.

A heartfelt thanks to the Veneto Region for granting us its patronage, and to the Municipality of Venice for including the regatta among the events of “Le Città in Festa”.

We await you all Monday 6 January 2020 in Rialto, starting at 10.30 am , to attend the magical Regatta on Three Kings’ Day. This year’s challengers are:

Francesco Guerra Malaga, defender of the title
Venetian, born in 1963, when not a Befana, professor of topography and cartography at the Faculty of Architecture (IUAV in Venice). He takes his nickname from his passion for malaga ice cream.
Orange mascareta

Riccardo Romanelli San Vio
Born in 1963 in Trieste but Venetian by adoption, an architect by profession, he takes his nickname for having been very active in the past in organizing the numerous cultural initiatives and activities that were held in Campo San Vio.
Brown mascareta

Sandro Inchiostro Saccarosio
Venetian by birth but Trentino by adoption, born in 1959, he takes his nickname from his profession: a physician specializing in diabetes.
Yellow mascareta

Marco Menegatti Plastega
Born in 1966 in Vicenza but Venetian by adoption, an architect, he takes his nickname for his “green” soul and for his repulsion for the disposable plastic bottles that float around the Bucintoro headquarters, which thanks to him has become “Plastic Free”.
Green mascareta

Francesco Casellati Piombo
Venetian, born in 1964, an esteemed lawyer, he derives his nickname because he generally repeats the same thing to his friends over and over, who never fail to remind him how “heavy” it is.
White mascareta

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