Historical Regatta 2019

The 2019 Historical Regatta was marked by symbolic mourning for the death of rowing in Venice, killed every day by the uncontrolled speed of motor boats. The boats of the 28 rowing companies parading in the Grand Canal were dressed in mourning, with a black ribbon at the bow. At the opening of the Storica, the 52 boats of the Red Regatta sailed through the Giudecca Canal.

The Album of the Historical Regatta 2019

Elimination Rounds for the Regatta on Three Kings Day 2020

Route: From the San Clemente pier to the marker at the bricolòn, finish at the San Clemente pier. Distance: 1000 meters.

The elimination rounds in images

Tempi al cronometro:
Riccardo Romanelli: 9’34.8″
Sandro Inchiostro: 10’43.3″
Marco Menegatti: 12’29.9″
Francesco Casellati: 12’36.6″
Mario Tallandini: 12’56.0″
Marco Dolcetti: 13’23.9″
Gian Piero Pauletta: 19’13.1″

Il campo della XXXXIIª Regata delle Befane:

Francesco Guerra Malaga
Riccardo Romanelli San Vio
Sandro Inchiostro Saccarosio
Marco Menegatti
Francesco Casellati Duca
Mario Tallandini Flebo
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“Malaga” wins the 2019 Regatta on Three Kings Day

The 41st edition of the Race on Three Kings Day was won by Francesco Guerra (Malaga), first off the starting line and closely tailed by Roberto Palmarin (Il Principe) up to the turn at the buoy. From San Tomà to the finish line under the Rialto Bridge, the chase was taken up by Sandro Inchiostro (Saccarosio), while Francesco Casellati (Duca) and Marco Dolcetti (Sparasea) battled prow to prow for fourth place, cheered on by the spectators along the Grand Canal.

Befane regatante 2019 Venezia, foto S. CasellatiVenice City Council President Ermelinda Damiano and the Councillor for Venetian Traditions Giovanni Giusto presented the awards to the winners, including the black flag for the last rower to cross the finish line, Sparasea.

Pink Lioness alle Befane 2019 Venezia, foto S. Casellati
On the Riva del Vin, the Pink Lionesses in Venice offered hot chocolate and mulled wine to all, great and small.

The Album of the Regatta

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Honour Roll of the Regatta on Three Kings Day