Dear Member,
As you already know, the Reale Società Canottieri Bucintoro, founded in 1882, has always been active in the life of the city, adding to its sports and cultural offerings other actions aimed at preserving and renewing the “traditions of the oar”. In this sense, the presence of the society’s headquarters in the 14th-century Salt Warehouses near Saint Mark’s Basin, a location occupied by the Bucintoro from the date of its foundation, bears witness today to its extraordinary importance, since every other rowing society has been obliged to move out of the city center, not least because of the waves and wakes from motorboats here that our crews confront every day, taking pride in their ability.

Being a member of the Bucintoro is therefore not just a source of pride for its illustrious sports record, but means participating in the preservation of Venice and its historical traditions, and reaffirming a form of mobility that, from our point of view, is in harmony with the lagoon and the city and should belong not just to the past but to the future.

We invite you to become an active part of this common effort by joining our activities, and by suggesting ideas and initiatives, participating in the collaboration that is at the heart of the Bucintoro.

So that you can orient yourself better in knowing what opportunities there are and how to interact with us and above all to provide you with technical starting points, we have prepared some useful information in a booklet, as well as other information about rowing and the Bucintoro that you can find at the links at the bottom of this page. You can also ask for copies from the secretary or the counselors or the members who can help you take your the first steps and provide you with the assistance you need.

I renew my best wishes for your arrival and trust you can find a hospitable environment, akin to your needs and your sporting aspirations.

Francesco Casellati

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